Lee’s Writing

writing modeOver the years, I’ve scribbled, scribed and waxed un-poetically in various places on the internet, so now I’m taking the time to organize the thoughts that were once so important that I had to type them up and click “Publish” so others could get an eyeful of my brain activity.

Not sure how those readers feel about never being able to get that time back, but your page views did wonders for my ego! Muchas gracias.

After re-reading some of my previous work, I have to liken this organization process to waking up after a nap, looking in the mirror and slightly startling yourself because you momentarily forgot just how damn attractive you are! In my case, I must say that I wrote some pretty good stuff!

For the record, I cannot directly relate to my mirror analogy – not even in the slightest.  If I was one of the beautiful people of the world, do you think I’d spend my time in front of a computer? Typing words?


I’d be out reaping every benefit my pretty little face affords me! Instagram world be my sole form of communication. I’d figure out how to include a selfie in every post. See that pic of my delicious dinner?  Notice my reflection in the spoon? Boom. Nailed it.

I’d also be the humblebrag hashtag king!

#BeautifulButStillHumble  #SoBlessedItHurtsMeInside

I’d have no friends and believe it was because everyone is jealous of my face.

#NotMyFault  #IWasBornThisWay

But I digress…

OK, seeing that I’ve just shared a really strange “If I were beautiful” internal monologue, (I swear I’m not self-conscious! But sometimes Tuesdays are kinda rough…) let me continue with the regularly scheduled program.

The navigation menu above and the links below will lead you to an archive of my writings. I’m still working out the best way to organize everything, so bear with me. I promise this will be good!

Link to my published work: Published

Link to my humor pieces: Funny Stuff Archive

Link to pieces that weren’t accepted for publishing: Didn’t Make The Cut

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