Galleries & Museums

Atlanta has a great art scene.  Anchored by the High Museum of Art and influenced by the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, the Atlanta art community does a great job of providing platforms for artists to showcase their talents in front of an accepting audience. Ranging from contemporary to modern to strange, you can generally find whatever it is that you’re looking for, if you are willing to look.

Below is a list of museums, galleries, events and other resources that all celebrate the arts. It’s definitely not a complete list, but it will get you started. Enjoy.

ABV Gallery

Alan Avery Art Company

Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC)

Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs

Atlanta Photography Group

Atlanta Public Art

Beep Beep Gallery

Besharat Gallery

Big House Gallery

Bill Lowe Gallery

Blue Mark Studios

Curbed Atlanta


Fay Gold Gallery

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery

High Museum of Art

Jackson Fine Art

Kai Lin Art

Kibbee Gallery


Marcia Wood Gallery

MudFire Pottery Studio

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

Museum of Design Atlanta

National Black Arts Festival

Nelson Street Gallery

Poem 88

Sandler Hudson

Spruill Gallery

TEW Galleries

Westside Cultural Arts Center


Zucot Gallery

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