ARTlanta: High Museum of Art

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A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I visited the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta to see its latest exhibition, “The Rise of Sneaker Culture.”  It showcased the history of sneakers and, of course, displayed some of the most popular kicks of all time.

It was crowded, so I was only able to snap a few photos, but I did capture sprinter Michael Johnson’s gold spikes from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  As a former track and field athlete, these were my favorite.

In another room, a cool painting by KAWS was on display.  The staff wasn’t too keen on photo taking, so I snapped this quickly and went about my business.


We arrived to the museum late, so it was a quick visit, but entrance was free with my Bank of America card.  On the way out, I kept slowing around while trying to take a few last minute photos, so my girlfriend walked ahead and left me behind.  Ironically, that lead to my featured photo.


I converted the photo into black and white to accentuate the shadows that darken as she descended into the lower levels of the museum. Also, it was July 3rd, so the American flag peeking through one of the windows was a nice added touch.  Funny how cool photos can come together in the least expected ways.

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