Things to do Atlanta: Sawnee Mountain Preserve

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All it takes is a quick scroll through my blog to see how much I love Atlanta – its places, people, art and everything in between.  But as much as I enjoy life inside I-285, Georgia has much more to offer.  My summer goal is to explore more of the Peach State, so to kick things off I headed north to the Sawnee Mountain Preserve.

Located in Cumming, GA, it’s about 40 miles north of Atlanta.  My girlfriend and I arrived around mid-day to find plenty of parking, clean visitor’s center bathrooms and, as you see, easy-to-follow signage – perfect for a casual day hiking experience.

The Indian Seats Trail, a well-worn, 4-mile loop, leads you up and down the mountain. You steadily gain elevation as you hike, but the trees provide great shade and there are places to rest along the way, if needed.  Here’s a quick video from our hike up.

The summit is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the hike.  There are multiple overlooks, so there’s plenty of space to relax and soak up the picturesque scenery.

I hadn’t been hiking in while, so this was a great trail for easing back into exploring the outdoors.  Stay tuned for more summer adventures!

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