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Travel: Denver, Colorado

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Right before Christmas, I took a weekend trip to Denver, Colorado. Denver had been on my travel list for while, so I was excited to finally make it to the Rocky Mountain region.

Shortly after landing, I drove about two hours west to the town of Frisco to do some snow tubing at Frisco Adventure Park. As you can see, the mountainous landscape was absolutely breathtaking! Definitely worth the four-hour round trip drive. And tubing was a blast, but the thin, mile high air was no joke! After an hour of speeding down the hills, I was exhausted, but it was exactly the experience I wanted.

The next day, my plan was to hop on the highway and make my way south to Colorado Springs. However, my GPS bypassed the on-ramp that I thought was close to my hotel and detoured me through the city. Taking the scenic route actually worked out great because I was able to take in the gorgeous view of the mountains rising behind the downtown skyscrapers.

As you can somewhat see, I captured the photo from a public golf course. What you don’t see is me dodging the “gifts” being dropped from the geese flying overhead. Good times.

An hour or so later, I found myself at the Garden of the Gods. The red rock formations were massive and beautifully impressive. The most recognizable attraction in the park is Balanced Rock, which I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out from the photos below.

Here are my two takeaways from the Garden of the Gods: 

1) Outside of Balanced Rock, I couldn’t recognize any of the other rock formations. The guy inside the Visitor’s Center did a great job of explaining the various formations, where they were located, etc. But once I got out there, I just saw large red rocks. Not taking away anything from the place, because I really enjoyed it, but I discovered I have a deficiency in rock recognition. Just something I’ll have to learn to deal with.

2) Balanced Rock has some magical power that makes tourists absolutely lose their minds! Respect for personal space and common courtesy go completely out the window when people get near that thing. I watched a family of 9 hold the rock hostage for about 20 minutes while they took photos from EVERY angle imaginable. Watching this, plus a bunch of other inexplicable stuff, unfold was hilarious. But what I didn’t find funny was almost getting hit while backing out of my parking space. Again, just being near this rock made people act nutty, so if you ever decide to visit – you’ve been warned.

After getting my fill of the rocks, I made my way back north to Denver.

After walking around downtown Denver for a while, which included seeing the “I See What You Mean” art installation aka “the big blue bear” at the Colorado Convention Center, I was wiped out – both physically and budget-wise. But with a red eye flight back home, I still had several hours to kill, so I decided to get a little wild and crazy and spend three hours in a bookstore. Sipping tea while using free Wi-Fi is about as anti-climatic as it gets, but that’s how it be sometimes, people. 

Till next time.


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