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Doing My Lee Thing: In The Park

Doing My Lee Thing

On Saturday, I met up with some friends for the Atlanta Street Food Festival at Piedmont Park.  My plan was to take pictures of the trucks, food and people.  However, it was really hot, there were lots of people and really long lines, so seeing that I’m not much of a foodie to begin with, my enthusiasm for documenting the event quickly wanned then perished.

However, moodiness aside, I had a great time.  I didn’t eat or drink a lot due to the long lines, but the pulled pork taco from Sweet Auburn BBQ, loaded somosa topped with chicken tikka masala from Masala Fresh and SweetWater Waterkeeper Hefeweizen were all tasty.

I bribed the paparazzi to take a few flicks of me and I selected the one you see here.  I edited it slightly, but it’s still not the best of the bunch.  It’s kind of blurry, you can see the grey in my beard and I’m staring aimlessly at probably nothing.

However, I think the combination of all the above helped perfectly capture the zone I was in at that moment.  Deep in my own thoughts and momentarily incognizant of the activity around me.

Then I came to, finished my food and went looking for something to drink…

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