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ARTlanta: The Highball Artist

ARTlanta, Things To Do Atlanta

My latest excursion brought me to Atlanta’s westside in search of The Highball Artist or, unofficially, The Dripping Bridge. This mural was completed by Hadley Breckenridge as part of the Art on the Atlanta Beltline initiative.

As you see, the mural covers both ends of the bridge and extends the entire length of its undercarriage. The mural’s name, The Highball Artist, is slang for a railroad engineer who runs trains fast. The mural’s design depicts a fast-moving train quickly passing through the tunnel, spilling color down one side and then exploding out of the other.

From the photos, you can see the mural is below street level, so it’s easy to miss unless you’re walking the Beltline or the trail that leads through the tunnel. But it’s a great sight when you finally see it up-close.

Check out this video featuring the artist and images of the mural being painted. Enjoy.

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