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DIY: Bowl Ties

DIY, Doing My Lee Thing

In addition to entertaining myself by writing, exploring, taking photos and growing an awesome beard, I like to occupy myself with Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. (Yes, it’s OK for dudes to do DIY projects.)

I generally like to freestyle and come up with my own projects rather than follow someone else’s instructions or tips. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been freestyling my entire life over the past few years, but that’s a story for another time.

One of my favorite concepts is a project I call “Bowl Ties.” This idea came from needing a place to keep all the ties I never wore. So rather than collect dust, I figured out how to use them to decorate my place.

I’ve pitched this idea to a couple of DIY blogs in an effort to get published, but no luck. Since I have some real estate on the world wide web, it’s time I publish this myself.

All you need is a few neckties, same number of old (but clean) socks and a basket, bucket or other item to display the socks in. In this example, I’ll use 3 ties, 3 socks, some butcher paper and a small basket.

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_1

Step 1: Line the basket with paper. This is optional, but adds a nice touch.

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_2

Step 2: Starting with the narrow end, neatly roll the necktie into a tight swirl.

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_3

Step 3: Tightly roll one sock and stuff it into the “hollow” end of the tie. This will help the tie keep its shape.

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_4

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every necktie you wish to display and use to WOW your guests. (Trust me, this sh*t is dope. Your guests will be WOWED.)

Step 5: Arrange the ties so they fit nicely within your bowl or basket . To add a decorative flourish, slightly pull out the center tip of each tie. (Swag.)

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_5

Step 6: If your necktie game is on a hundred thousand trillion, you can rock out like this:

LeeFromEP.com_Bowl Ties_6

I already told you my sock game is crazy, so you already what time it is when it comes to my tie game.

Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

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