ARTlanta: My photos made the VSCO Grid

ARTlanta, Photos

This past weekend, I received two unexpected emails that were very pleasant surprises. Two photos I had taken and edited with the VSCO Cam app were selected for their VSCO Grid.

The first email was for my photo of a rather dapper looking gentleman who is painted onto an underpass in southwest Atlanta.

And the second was for my photo of the Martin Luther King, Jr. sculpture at the intersection of Boulevard and Freedom Parkway in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

For those unfamiliar, VSCO Cam is like Instagram for the really, really cool kids. So with two of my photos being selected, I’m essentially sitting at the table with the jocks and cheerleaders while rockin a pair of Ray-Bans. My life is so dope.

I haven’t updated my VSCO profile in a while, but you can check it out here.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be doing something really, really cool. Enjoy.

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