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Artist Interview: Corey Bertrand, Founder of The2econdFloor

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With my latest artist interview, I’m happy to introduce Corey Bertrand, Founder of The2econdFloor. I met Corey a while ago through one of my cousins and since then, I’ve run into him at various art events around town. I knew he hosted his own fashion and art events, but I didn’t know much about the ideas and concepts behind his various projects. So, what better way to learn than to ask?

Here is my Q&A with Corey about his agency, events and upcoming projects. His next event, Re2urrection, is on Thursday, May 29th, 7-10pm, at Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery. Purchase your ticket here. Enjoy.

From what you’ve shared and the information on your agency’s website,, you seem to have lots of cool and creative projects in the works.  But before we discuss the events, give me some background on yourself and your agency, The2econdFloor.

I created The2econdFloor in 2010 as a fashion blog in hopes of making good use of my creative energy. I’d always been into fashion, art and music and this allowed me to showcase my ideas in those areas, meet other talented creatives and whole lot more. Those ideas began to turn into reality and eventually the day-to-day blogging gave way to the various projects I was working on. At the end of 2013, I decided to transform The2econdFloor into a creative agency focusing on cultivating fresh ideas and creating events that fused art, fashion & music.

The events you produce all blend elements of fashion design, art, music and pop culture.  How did you get started in event planning and what inspires the creativity that you infuse into these experiences?

It just kinda happened. I’m a very social guy and after going to parties and events for years, I had some ideas of my own that I thought would work. I tried a few, people came and enjoyed themselves, so I haven’t stopped. Lol! Atlanta has a lot of talented artists, musicians & designers here who need exposure and I want to continue coming up with nontraditional ways to make that happen. I want people to leave my events excited and inspired.

Re2urrection, “A Fashion Cocktail Experience,” seems to be your most popular seasonal event. With the next show on May 29th at Mason Murer Art Galley, can you share the premise behind Re2urrection?  

I’ve only been doing this for a few years, so I’m proud to say the show on the 29th will be my 3rd. It went from a little show I put together and paid for myself to a big charity fashion event that I’m planning exclusively for Goodwill of North Georgia. The show features local fashion designers who’ve taken clothing from thrift stores, in this case Goodwill, and revamped them in some way. The name Re2urrection came from the fact that we would be “resurrecting” the clothes and bringing them back to life.

You mentioned that you have another event in the works with the W Atlanta Downtown, can you tell me more about it?

Yes! It’s an event we are calling ArtSwim. We will be showcasing the works of local artists & photographers and throwing a pool party at the same time. Get it? Art. Swim. Lol! We are actually looking for participants, so if anyone that’s reading this and knows a talented artist or two, please send them my way. The first event will be 6/13 and I’ll send you more info on that really soon.

What type future events and projects can we expect from you and The2econdFloor?

ArtSwim is gonna keep me busy until September and I’m also going to be doing a fashion related event with W Atlanta – Downtown as well. I’m not sure what that will be but I’ll keep you posted. I’m in the early planning phases of a planning a photo exhibit with a photographer friend, but that won’t be until Spring of 2015. I got a few other things in the works, but I’ll keep that to myself until the plans are a little more solid.

Where can people find more information about you and The2econdFloor?

Of course, you can check out and

LeeFromEP.com_Corey Bertrand_Founder of The2econdFloor_010

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