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Artlanta: Downtown & Castleberry Hill

ARTlanta, Things To Do Atlanta

Below are photos I’ve taken over time, some as recent as this week, of Downtown Atlanta and the neighboring Castleberry Hill community.

The weather is finally cooperating this week, so I jumped on MARTA and then made my way through the city streets. As much as I enjoy exploring the city on foot, I’m going to take a break for a while. I saw some wild sh*t that I will not discuss on my blog for fear of implicating myself in some nonsense that I am in no way associated or responsible. I don’t do that keepin it real sh*t.

But if you’re curious, I’m happy to tell my “What Lee stumbled upon…” story offline – it’s pretty good.

Most of artwork is the result of various projects and exhibitions sponsored by or associated with the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, Heineken, Forward Warrior, Living Walls and the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll.

Be sure to enjoy this up close look at the city, because it will be a minute before my next urban adventure. I’m definitely headed somewhere OTP next time around. Stay tuned.

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