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Things To Do Atlanta: Red Bull Illume

Photos, Things To Do Atlanta

Red Bull Illume is a cool photography event that is currently on exhibition at Piedmont Park here in Atlanta, Georgia.  As you enter the 10th Street gates, you’ll immediately see 50 life-sized photos that aim to capture the thrill, excitement and pure essence of action and adventure sports.

The photos on display are the top 50 selected from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013 photography contest. My personal favorite is the image displayed above of the woman climbing the cars in the junkyard. For me, it represents displaying strength when placed in an unfamiliar or unconventional environment.

Below are up-close photos that I took of the images on display. The exhibit wraps up today, so swing by this evening to check it out. Enjoy.

Credits: Red Bull Illume Photographers

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