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In a few words….

In a few words...

I just started reading Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots. I’m literally on page 2 as I write this, and (I assume) he is having a discussion with co-author Ben Greenman about how to tell his story. Their discussion made me think, if I was asked, how would I tell my story?

When you give it some thought, you realize that telling your life story is an extremely challenging and somewhat daunting task. Obviously you want your life to sound authentic and interesting, but can you resist applying a dash of revisionist history here and there just to spice it up a bit? And, when done, of course the last thing you want someone to say is, “Well, that was boring!”

Ummm…yeah. Thanks for critiquing my life!

If I were to ever tell my story, I would definitely use photos – copious amounts of photos! I’m obsessed with great design, photography, colors, and all other types of visually dope sh*t, so my book would resemble a photo album or coloring book more than a standard biography or memoir when all is said and done.

All that being said, I will definitely not be writing my life story here, but I will start a new section titled, “In a few words…” I’ll be posting some of my Instagram photos along with a few words to provide a quick back story. Easy way to start blogging more than once a week and to let ya’ll know what I’m up to. Stay tuned.

Now back to page 2….

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