Things To Do Atlanta: Georgia On My Mind

Things To Do Atlanta

When I moved to Georgia in 2006, a friend, who was born and raised here, told me, “There’s Atlanta and there’s Georgia – they’re different.” Having lived here for a while, I can confirm this to be true.

To be clear, I’m not turning this into an ITP vs OTP (Inside/Outside the I-285 Perimeter) argument or taking a “northern Yankee” stance against the south. As fun as it would be to trade barbs from behind the keyboard and in the safety of my home, I’m just noting the visual differences between the city and various other locales within the Peach State’s borders. Trust me, I’m not here to fire up any native Georgians! is a place where all can visit in peace and feel safe – except on Wednesday nights. That might, or might not, be our fight club night…

All of that being said, I’ve made it a goal, as scary as it is, to explore beyond the city limits in 2014. This is a big deal for me!

In true ITP’er fashion, unless I have a specific purpose, I rarely make it to neighboring counties like Cobb, Gwinnett or Clayton – and definitely nowhere beyond. They might as well be located in Alabama, South Carolina or Alaska.

So to avoid wandering aimlessly, I ordered my Georgia Travel Guide (it’s free) and have begun researching where I’d like to explore. I’ve already visited tourist jaunts like SavannahTybee Island and Jekyll Island, so now I’m looking for places that might not be as glamorous, but have their own unique charm and character.

To find my way around, I have my Official Georgia Highway and Transportation Map 2013-2014The map came free with my Georgia Travel Guide. All I do here is win, folks.

Being 100% committed to my craft, I’ve already taken my first local trip. Stay tuned for an update later this week, as well as throughout the spring and summer.

Life is good. Enjoy. Peace.

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