Doing My Lee Thing: Essentials

Doing My Lee Thing

Inspired by, or totally ripping off, Hypebeast’s Essentials features, I did my own “Essentials.” This is the stuff I do to entertain myself during my #LeeGotNoJob campaign.

As proud as I am of my collection, I have nothing on the “stuff” that Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, uses to decorate his office. This is next level times 100! Hey, whatever inspires one’s creativity! But I don’t see no Ralph thou!


Here’s a rundown of my items featured above:

  • Atlanta Braves Fitted Hat – I rest my head in the dirty south.
  • New England Patriots Beanie – Got to rep home.
  • Socks from Target, Urban Outfitters and K. Bell – As previously mentioned, My Sock Game Is Crazy!
  • Bulletto – It was dope, so I bought it.
  • Rubber Ducks – One is a Ninja Duck. Ducks just kinda cool to me.
  • Double Bubble Gum – Some people like drugs, I like Double Bubble. Shoutout to Dollar Tree for holding me down!
  • Journal and uni*ball Pen – The journal was a gift and I liberated the pen from someone who is probably looking for it now.
  • Leather and Good Wood bracelets – I’m on some earthy, hippy sh*t. But not on that no bathing sh*t! That’s nasty. Keep it clean, B.
  • Beer Bottle Caps – I’ve cut my beer intake recently, but I love a tasty stout or brown ale. And I rarely discriminate on any beer that’s gratis.

Hope you enjoyed. Hope you were inspired. Have a good weekend. Peace.

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