Artist Interview: Kyle Green, Founder of Young Hearted Apparel (part 2)

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LeeFromEP.com_YOUNG HEARTED APPAREL INTERVIEW_01 - CROPI’m excited to bring you an interview with Kyle Green, Founder of Young Hearted Apparel.

Based here in Atlanta, Kyle is currently championing a Kickstarter campaign to launch production for Young Hearted Apparel’s line of comfortable, American-made, Dri-fit socks. Following up on my recent feature of his company, I asked Kyle to share more about himself and the inspiration that lead to creating Young Hearted Apparel.

What led to your decision to launch Young Hearted Apparel?

The idea to start Young Hearted Apparel began last fall (2013) when I started working at a law firm. I recently graduated from the University of Georgia, so with being on my own, having a job and spending my own money, I noticed that I was paying a lot for clothing that was manufactured everywhere but the U.S. I figured rather than continuing to pay other people to design my clothes, why not design my own and then manufacturer them right here in the States.

Tell me about the creative inspirations behind the brand.

The initial inspiration for Young Hearted Apparel came from my passion for art and fashion. My mother modeled and I have other family members who were either professional artists or have displayed a strong passion for the arts.

Being a recent UGA grad, I still don’t quite feel like a full-fledged adult yet. I still like to have go out and have fun. I know a lot of people feel the same way, so I figured I would create clothing that captured the young-hearted and playful side of life. 

The idea for Young Hearted also fell in-line with some advice my cousin gave me last summer. She reminded me that in coming from an artistic family, if I felt the need to create art – I should do so. At the time, I scoffed at the idea, but I eventually thought to myself “Will this bring me happiness?” Then a few short months later, Young Hearted Apparel was born.

What’s the purpose of your Kickstarter campaign?

I chose Kickstarter, because it was an avenue to raise funds so I can complete my first full run of production. I know I have the capabilities to create and manufacturer, but a successful Kickstarter campaign will give us the funds to produce the remainder of our sock designs.

I can tell a lot of imagination goes into your sock designs.  Outside of your passion for art and fashion, are their other influences for your creativity?

When I started Young Hearted Apparel, I put all of my money into the shirts and packaging, so the socks were just an afterthought. Then one night while designing, I looked down, noticed my socks and then asked myself, “Why don’t I make socks?” 

I have a passion for socks and I often noticed that the high-end socks were either plain, argyle or striped, and the playful socks were cheaply made. I was hard pressed to find a playful sock of high quality, so I figured I would set out to fill this void.

For creative inspiration, I looked at the things I loved during my childhood. This is why you have the “Saturday Morning” sock, which is influenced by the show Saved by the Bell and cartoons that aired on Saturday mornings. “The Hunt” sock is influenced by my collection of National Geographic magazines. After creating “The Hunt,” the ideas started to flow like a waterfall and they haven’t stopped since.

Thanks for the insight and story behind Young Hearted Apparel, Kyle!  We wish you the best of luck with your Kickstarter campaign and the continued growth of the Young Hearted Apparel brand. Learn more about Young Hearted Apparel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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