Artist Interview: Young Hearted Apparel Kickstarter Campaign (part 1)

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I’m happy to introduce Young Hearted Apparel and its Kickstarter campaign. It’s an Atlanta, Georgia-based company with a goal to raise funds for the first production run of their Dri-Fit socks.

Young Hearted Apparel produces American-made clothing for those who feel young at heart, not necessarily young in age, but young in mind and spirit.  With their unique flair, Young Hearted Apparel captures the youthful feelings of childhood with eclectic imagery on their high-quality, American-made garments.

Young Hearted Apparel has partnered with the official sock manufacturer of MLB to ensure their products are of the highest quality.  Technology-enhanced materials and production provide advanced benefits for their socks, such as an antimicrobial solution to assist in fighting foot odor and fungi, climate control, blister control, wicking technology and 251-needle count jacquard quality.

As many of you know, I love Atlanta and have a strong affinity for socks, so I am definitely excited to support and help generate awareness for this local company.

Below are photos of Young Hearted Apparel’s garments, including socks, t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can show your support by contributing on Kickstarter and following on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Check back soon for an interview with the founder of Young Hearted Apparel, Kyle Green.

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