ARTlanta: East Atlanta Village

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I’ve lived in Atlanta for just over seven years now and for all the things this city is known for – food, nightlife, strip clubs – I don’t think the city’s art scene gets enough credit.

There are several major museums, such as the High Museum of Art and Museum of Design Atlanta, as well as dozens of galleries – all of which attract great exhibitions from all over the world. And buried even further down the list is notoriety for Atlanta’s street art.

At times you have to search hard for it, but there are lots of awesome murals and graffiti throughout the city. ¬†Events like Living Walls and A3C have gathered street artists from around the globe and provided them with a canvas to share their artistic vision. Though street art and graffiti may not suit everyone, it’s hard to argue against the vibrant energy it infuses into communities.

In my travels, I’ve collected a bunch of photos, so I want to share them. The photos below are from the East Atlanta Village. I’ll post more photos from other neighborhoods over the upcoming weeks. Enjoy.

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