Doing My Lee Thing: My Sock Game Is Crazy

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Right now, I’m in a creative abyss! I’m struggling to put words on paper, which is kind of a problem for someone who considers himself an aspiring writer. It’s not a good look.

I’ve tried taking a few days off from writing, took a few long walks in the park, sipped some herbal tea, listened to music, watched a movie, et cetera, et cetera. Even after all of that – I got nothing.

Since I’m back at square one, I figured I’d try to power through and write about something very near and dear to my heart: my socks.

As you can see from my photos, my sock game is aiight. I’m not gonna say that I’m a pro, but I can definitely hold my own if a sock cypher broke out. So to put all the haters on alert, don’t think you’re gonna body me in this sock game! Not gonna happen. You ain’t built for this and you definitely ain’t bout this life.

For the record, I’ve been on my sock sh*t since the 90’s. This ain’t new to me. I do this everyday.

I remember when I first got into the sock game. I was up in Marshall’s and came across two pairs of Flintstones socks. Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Barney, Betty, Bam Bam and Dino were all over them joints! It was crazy! From that day on, it was a wrap. Game over.

Since then, I’ve rocked all kinds of labels. Polo, K. Bell and even the Gold Toe “Church Sock” OG classics! You ain’t up on this sock game if you never rocked a pair of below-the-calf, navy blue freckled Gold Toes fresh out the 3-pack!

People always stop me and ask where I get from socks from. Lately, I’ve been going hard at Target, Urban Outfitters and Now, I know you’re thinkin, “Those spots ain’t exclusive!” And you’re right – they’re not. But truth be told, no one can rock socks like I do! We might have on the same pair, but they look better on my feet. No shade. Just the facts.

It’s like if you were side by side on the court with LeBron James. Ya’ll both on the court, but LeBron’s better. I’m like LeBron, I’m just better. And you’re just you.

Even though I’ve been blessed to live this life, I still make time to share my knowledge with the people. I love giving back to my community. I want everyone to understand my story. It’s the least I can do. 

To everyone who’s tryin to break into this game, my advice is do what works for you. Don’t try to be like me. My sock life is too crazy. Just do you. Eventually, you’ll find your way.

Stay blessed.

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