Things To Do Atlanta: Historic Old Fourth Ward Park

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For the most part, the weather here in Atlanta is still gorgeous! We’ve had a few rainy and dreary days, but that’s to be expected since we’re rolling into late November. So before the autumn chill sets in, I had to make my way to the Historic Old Fourth Ward Park for the first time.

The park is beautiful and much larger than I expected.  It’s sunken, so you have to travel down stairs to reach the main area. Patterned concrete walls, adorned with fountains and lush vegetation, form the exterior border. Its centerpiece is a pond featuring a continually-gushing fountain.

In terms of green space, there are lots of trees, shrubs and plants, but only a few grassy places to sit. Outside of the amphitheater-style seating area, the majority of the green sitting spaces are “above” the main section of the park. However, the result of the trade-off is a well-designed path that traces the contours of the the pond. Great for walking or running on a picturesque day.

The Historic Old Fourth Ward Park is a great piece of Atlanta Beltline project. It’s sunken design allow you to easily forget that you’re in the middle of the city. Just another reason why I love living in Atlanta!

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