Doing My Lee Thing: #LeeGotNoJob Bar Crawl

Doing My Lee Thing, Photos

Last Friday, I was laid off my job. Now before you think or say, “Oh, I’m sorry…,” I appreciate the sentiment, but this is not a time for apologies or sadness. No one died or got injured. It’s was just a job.

Now, I will miss the people I worked with for almost 5 years, but I’ll keep in touch.

As far as missing the functions of the job, there were no tears shed when I handed my laptop over to IT. Call me cold hearted.

My former company did give me a much appreciated head’s up to my pending departure, so that gave me time to do some preparation and planning. But rather than focusing on my next professional move, I decided to plan my #LeeGotNoJob Bar Crawl.  Much better use of my time.

The evening brought us to Edgewood Ave in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, one of my favorite parts of town. We kicked off the night at Noni’s. As expected, it was a slow start, so we left there in a small group of four. But as they say, it’s not about the quantity, it’s all about the quality.

We definitely picked up momentum at Mother. After a couple Old Man Fashion cocktails, I began to shape into form myself. We lost a couple of people here, but I was happy they came thru to show love.

By the time we hit The Sound Table, we were in full swing. Or maybe it was just me who was in full swing? Don’t remember. Don’t care.

We finally wrapped up the night at The Corner Tavern. It took me a few tries, but I finally counted a total of 18 friends who came out to celebrate during some part of the night. I felt special.

Below are photos, a video and the event map from the festivities. You can also check out tweets from the night here.

The entire night was a lot of fun and I greatly appreciated the good company! Awesome sendoff into unemployment!

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