Things To Do Atlanta: Prohibition

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Prohibition, the hidden speakeasy located inside the East Andrews Complex in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. To enter, you’ll first need to get the evening’s password and then provide it to enter through a concealed doorway.

In case you haven’t visited or heard about Prohibition, I won’t give away how you secure the password or enter the club. But trust me, it’s not too difficult and it’s a cool experience for first-time visitors.

Fashioned after a Prohibition-era underground saloon with dark wood and stained glass fixtures, your senses are immediately intrigued by the thick aroma of slow-burning, high-quality cigars, soft glow of table lanterns and back-lit ceiling panels, and unique craftsmanlike sounds arising from behind the bar.

You can choose to sink into one of their comfortable leather couches or take a seat at the bar. Depending on your choice, a barkeeper or waitress will present you with a handsome menu featuring a hinged wooden cover that opens to reveal a selection of artisan cocktails and fine cigars.

One of the unique features of the cocktails served at Prohibition are the large, hand-carved ice cubes. If you sit at the bar, you can watch the barkeepers chip away at chunks of ice until they’re just the right size to fit inside a glass tumbler. For scotch and other whiskeys, they’ll use an ice ball maker, similar to the version mentioned in my review of Raise The Macallan.

I’m far from being a cigar expert, but I do appreciate relaxing by savoring their taste and smell while enjoying a tasty beverage amongst good company. On my two visits to Prohibition, I’ve enjoyed cigars from the Rocky Patel and Arturo Fuente brands. Both were mild, smooth and perfect for the occasion.

Prohibition is a great choice for a casual evening of cigars and libations with friends. The allure of a secret speakeasy may be slightly worn on some, but the overall experience here is still definitely worth a visit.

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