Things To Do Atlanta: Paris On Ponce

Photos, Things To Do Atlanta

I recently visited Paris On Ponce for the first time and I’ll say that it was definitely more than I expected. I knew it was an antiques shop, but I didn’t realize just how massive the building is on the inside. There were all types of peculiar of collectibles neatly organized into themed sections throughout the store.

I was in a bit of a rush, so I only snapped the photo above. However, the item that stood out the most was an old doctor’s office table, complete with built-in stirrups. My only thought was, “Why would someone want that – especially in their home?” But there is a market for EVERYTHING in this world, so I’m sure it will bring joy to someone’s heart when they stumble across it.

I’ll need to go back at some point and take some photos to share. Hopefully the table will have been sold and its new owner is currently enjoying its use.

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