Travel: Providence, Rhode Island

Photos, Travel

Providence, Rhode Island.  A small city with a big personality. I grew up just minutes away in East Providence, so I spent lots of time exploring this riverfront capital city.  

Granted I’m biased, but Providence has a special place in my heart. My affinity for the city is akin to how many in New England feel about Boston. I worked in Boston for 2 1/2 years, so I know it well. It’s a great city with a unique blend of history and progressive culture. However, it just doesn’t compare to the authentic feel of Providence.

I moved from Rhode Island seven years ago, so the physical landscape changes each time I go back to visit. It’s strange to get lost in a city you once knew so well, but seeing that the city hasn’t frozen in time is a fair trade-off.

Even with new roads and buildings, the thick local accents, pungent smells from the water, late-night diners and overall hometown feel are still very present. Though not the most romanticized aspects of an old New England city, they always let me know that I’m back home.

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