Travel: Tybee Island, Georgia

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During a trip to Savannah, we made our way over to Tybee Island to enjoy the beach. The ride was scenic and with the windows down you could really enjoy the sea air. Having grown up in Rhode Island and now living in Atlanta – hours from the ocean – the scent of the ocean water was much appreciated!

The beach is really flat with tightly packed sand. Outside of swimming, there wasn’t much in terms of entertainment in the area we were in, so it was perfect if for a distraction-less getaway.

However, this beach trip was short lived because it was just too hot! Even with frequent dips into the ocean, we only lasted about an hour.

As luck would have it, our timing couldn’t have been better. A massive thunderstorm touched down as soon as we arrived back in Savannah. So glad we didn’t get rained on while still on the beach.

Tybee Island is definitely on my list of places to visit again. The sea air alone is worth the drive!

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