Travel: Jekyll Island, Georgia

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Jekyll Island, Georgia is located along the Atlantic coast, about 4.5 hours southeast of Atlanta and 1 hour north of Jacksonville, Florida. I visited for my brother and now sister-in-law’s wedding during Easter weekend. The wedding party stayed at the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

It was a whirlwind weekend, so there wasn’t a lot of time for exploration, but what I did see was truly beautiful. The hotel grounds were immaculately coiffed and manicured, effortlessly capturing the charm and elegance of the old south.

The ceremony was held at sunrise on Easter morning along Driftwood Beach. As you can see, an endless number of petrified trees have formed a natural labyrinth along the coastline – creating a storybook backdrop for the morning’s nuptials.

If you’re looking for a family vacation destination, I think Jekyll Island will fit the bill. It can also serve as a romantic couples getaway, but I definitely noticed more families than couples walking around the hotel so just keep that in mind. Enjoy.

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