Things To Do Atlanta: SLICE

Things To Do Atlanta
Originally published on September 21, 2010 on

 Slice is the most popular spot along the Peters Streetside of Castleberry Hill. It’s incredibly unique in the sense that it serves food, but it’s not necessarily a restaurant. It serves beer, alcohol and wine, though it’s not entirely a bar either. Even with the casual atmosphere and leather couch sitting area, labeling it a lounge is also a stretch when attempting to capture the l’esprit de Slice.

However, aforementioned complexities aside, Slice works. Actually, it works quite well. It knows what it is, doesn’t bother to overpromise, and it definitely doesn’t try to over deliver. It’s this simplicity that draws you in, even though Slice may not meet many of your regular casual dining expectations.

Slice attracts any and all walks of life. However, be forewarned, if you are easily intimidated by those who self-identify as “cool” and/or “hip,” this is not the place for you. Texting, Tweeting, Facebooking and Foursquaring are common among the groups of teentwentysomethings who are sitting within a foot of each other, but are not speaking – at least verbally. If you can read between the lines and comfortably wrap your head around that thought, then you’ll do just fine here.

Music is one thing that is done exceptionally well. Soul, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop are all on tap as the DJ effortlessly blends decades as smoothly as afternoon transitions to evening. Drake, Kanye West and hometown legends, OutKast, are familiar sounds, but Cameo, The Jackson 5 and even Eddie Murphy (Remember “Party All The Time”?) make their way into the rotation.

As far as libations are concerned, there is a plentiful selection ranging from the dive bar staple, Pabst Blue Ribbon, to the slightly pricier Moët Rose. Slice also carries a full menu of Shots and Martinis if you prefer adult beverages with exotic names such as Cry Me a Liver, Chocolate Thunder and Krak. If you don’t see your favorite mixed drink on their menu, feel free to pull up the recipe on your iPhone and share it with the bartender. This is probably the only way you’ll ever experience “Sex with an Alligator” while in Castleberry Hill.

When it comes to food, specifically pizza, beauty is defined in the eyes and taste buds of the beholder. Though you get a generous slice of a uniquely-named, thin-crust pizza for only $2.50, the crust quality can range from burnt to not-quite-done. Some like “spinning the wheel” and will enjoy their pizza, regardless of how it comes out of the oven. Oddly enough, this also rings true for the more discerning pizza lovers. So either no one notices, or doesn’t care, because everyone at Slice seems to just take what they get. So if your “Not So Plain Jane” or “Sweet Pea’s Za” didn’t come out quite right, you don’t complain, you just eat it. You wouldn’t do this anywhere else…except for Slice.

As you can tell, Slice marches to the beat of its own drum. Spending an evening at Slice is like taking the training wheels off your bicycle. When those wheels come off, you have no choice but to peddle fast and find your balance, or else tumble onto the ground. Like your bicycle, your experience at Slice wobbles back and forth for a while, but it eventually finds a groove and smoothes itself out. Before long, you’re smiling and having a good time. That’s all that really matters at Slice.

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